The previous name of the city was known as the Calicut. The district has proud full histories. Kalikooth is the name used by Arab Travelers to call the district during the trade relation with. It has also called as the Cock Fort. Any way the word originated from two words such as koyil (palace) kodu (fortified) that means 'Fortified Palace'. The Portuguese traveler, Vasco Da Gama reached Calicut in 1498 with three ships of 170 peoples. It fastened towards a famous trade center in the world. Pepper, coffee, rubber, ginger and cardamom were the famous trade commodities during the time. It was called as the "City of Spices" in its golden ages. The capital of Powerful kingdom of Zamorins played major role in the trade history of Kerala.

Major Destinations

TThe district itself has lots of attractions to promote tourism industry. It is a best place for beach tourism, trucking tourism and other type of holiday activities. There are lots of historical, natural and manmade attractions in Kozhikode district. Let us take major attractions of Calicut district.

Kappad Beach

The historical beach in India is located in Kozhikode district where the Vasco De Gama reached. The beach will offer simple and beautiful views of the Sea. There is big rock in the beach which is 800 years Old. The beach served as the Gateway of the Malabar Coast. The visit for Kappad beach will never disappoint you to get enjoyment.

Kozhikode Beach

It has more than historical beauty. The natural beauty of the beach is very unique. The beach will invite you to understand histories and enjoy the natural beauty. It witnessed larger number of historical events such as navel battles and coming of traders from other enjoy your luxury time. The visitor can enjoy amazing sunset from the beach. The leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Krishna Menon came there to do speech. Now the beach road is known as Gandhi Road from 1934 onwards. There is a children park near by the beach which is maintained by the Lions Club.

Vellari Mala

The natural beauty of Kozhikode district is hiding in the Vellari Mala. The attractive landscapes will offer a charming view of the natural beauty. This is best place for trucking days. The green beauty of the hill is very attractive to give an unforgettable trip for the travelers.

Payyoli Beach

It is another beach in the Kozhikode district. It is the best walk-able place in the Kozhikode district by enjoying the beauty of the Sea. There are coconut trees surrounded by the shore to increase the serene beauty of the beach. There is big rock in the middle of the sea.

Tusharagiri Hills

The natural beauty of Kozhikode is located around 11 kilometers away from the Kodancherry town. It is an attractive waterfall in Kozhikode district. The place is moving to be the main attractive travel destination in Kerala. The natural beauty of the Waterfalls attracts lots of people to here. It offers a best journey for trekking people to get fun and enjoyment.


The famous and Old Port town in Kozhikode is Beypore. Vaypura or Vadaparappanad were the ancient name of the Beypore. It has trade relation with the Middle East countries in Old days. Beypore "Urus" (a type of woodenships) is very famous in the World. The main buyers of "Uru" were the Arab merchants for their trade usages. There is evidence of trade relation with Mesopotamia for Beypore.