Kasaragod is located in the northern part of Kerala State. The district is the combination of rivers, beaches, hillocks, forts and shrines. It is also famous as "SAPTHABHASHA SANGAMABHOOMI". The name "Kasaragod "has different history about it's origin of the name. In one belief is that the name is the combination of two Sanskrit words as kaasaara Means Lake or pond and Kroda means a place where treasure is kept. The total area of district covers 1992 km². Its coir and handloom products are very much famous in the World markets. The district has 293 kilometers of coastline.


Kasaragod was very famous in the Arab travelers who visited the place between 9th and 14th centuries. They called it as Harkwillia. It is said the King Solomon had collected timbers to build Jerusalem Church. The Portuguese traveler named Mr.Barbose visited Kannnur in 1514.The quality trees like Iruli, Teak, Karimurukku, sandalwood, etc are found the region. Kolothiri kingdom was one of the major Kingdoms in Kasaragod areas.

Major Attractions in Kasaragod

As we know there are unique things and places to visit and enjoy your travel. They are created by historically and naturally. Natural beauties such as sea shore, forests, etc are the true gift from the nature. Most of the historical things created by kings, British rulers, travelers, etc. let us catch some of the important attraction from those works.

Bekal Fort

This is one of the historical attractions in Kasaragod district. The fort is spread around 40 acres of land. The fort is located around 16 km away from the Kasaragod city. The Bekal Hole Aqua Park offer water sports facilities like paddle boats and water cycles.The fort was constructed by Shivappa Nayaka in 1650 AD. The government declared the Bekal fort as special tourism area.

Bekal Beach

The beach is located around 1km from the Bekal fort. The people can access the external beauty of the fort. The calm and quiet place will offer peace to your body and Mind. And there is another beach named Kappil beach which is just around 6 Km from the fort.

Chandragiri Fort

It is also built by Sivappa Nayak of Bednore in the 17th century. It will take 3 Km journey from the Kasargod town. The Chandragiri river bank marked as the boundary between Kerala and the Tuluva Kingdom. The bridge of five miles over the river which is very beautiful

Bela Church

It is the church of Our Lady of Sorrows. The church is build constructed 1890 AD. The architecture of the church followed the style of Roman Gothic.


Malik Dinar Mosque

The mosque is the famous pilgrimage center of the Muslim Community. It is believed that the Mosque is built by Malik Ibn Dinar. There is grave of the founder. As all of us know Kasaragod is the place of religious centre's,forts, hills, Rivers and lengthy sandy beaches. So there are more attractions such as below mentioned;


• Anandashram & Nityanandasramam
• Ananthapura Lake Temple
• Bellikoth(Birth Place Poet Kunhiraman Nair)
• Govinda Pai Memorial
• Hosdurg Fort
• Kammatam Kavu
• Kanjan Junga

• Kottancheri Hills
• Maipady Palace
• Mallikarjuna Temple
• Trikkanad & Pandyan Kallu
• Tulur Vanam
• Valiyaparamba
• Veeramala Hills