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Jedha – Makkah 4 Night 5 Days

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Aleppey, Jeddah
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  • Jedha – 2 Nights
  • Makkah- 2 Nights

Day 01
Arrival at Almalik Abdul Asis international airport , Jedha, and move to the hotel to take rest

Day 02
After breakfast from hotel rush to historical Jedha and and take trip there then return to hotel for lunch and take rest , then dinner at calm Jedha beach

Day 03
After breakfast take a trip to markets then after get ready to go for Makkah Al mukarramah.

Day 04
After breakfast, the gathering will be held in preparation for traveling to Madinah to pray in its mosque and visit the shrines and holy places.

Day 05
After breakfast at the hotel, take a historic tour of the holy places in Mecca and then return to the hotel in preparation for travel and then go to King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah to leave.

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