Ayurveda means the knowledge of life. It’s a large compilation of treatment, vision and life style prevailed in India for more than two millennia. Nowadays, Ayurveda receives great popularity all over the world. The southern state of India, Kerala has a lot of Ayurveda treatment and life care centers, meeting the various requirements of the patients and visitors. The Ayurveda life care and treatment include herbal medicines, physical applications, surgeries; and psychological and spiritual dimensions. Ayurveda is a gigantic move towards creating a global medicine, among all medicines in the world. It doesn’t confine to ‘medicine’, and in fact covers many dimensions of life, including especially the positive building of a good health. Ayurveda provides the best of life through informing and moving along with you towards the essence of life. We have a lot of multi-facial treatments, and you can select any or all of the following treatments


This is the traditional massage, which derived out of the traditional combat fighting art of Kerala. This massage will relieve you out of all bone pains in your body, as well as decrease the inflammations caused from falling somewhere, or sprains.


The Ayurveda treatment in Kerala specializes in this treatment, which about pouring the herbal on your forehead, through a pointed hole. It will rejuvenate your total nervous system in addition to your head in general.


It’s about a cotton bag bolus which contains tightly filled items such as heated herbs, oils, powders and other prescribed materials. This boluses is used to massage your body with pressing it on with different degrees on different Marmas or nerve points, in order to purify your body and thus brightening your soul.

Navara Kizhy

An effective treatment for nervous problems, pains at the joints etc. this treatment is about massaging your body with a cotton bag or bolus containing a particular rice of medicinal value, and other essential herbs. This is known as sudation.


This is a very exquisite procedure done once in a year, to rejuvenate your body, and to resist at maximum the cells of aging. This is another massage, where the powders of herbs are used to apply on your body. It will be useful against obesity, increase the blood circulation, melt the fat under the skin etc

Mutta Kizhy

A unique mixture created from the yolk, lemon, garlic and some other herbal powders is tightly tied in a cotton bolus, and then it is heated using the medicinal oil. This medicinal application is done after the massage.

Mukhakaandy Lepam

It’s a facial treatment. It’s about unique and invaluable herbs, fruits and pastes of sandal wood are applied on your face, to brighten your face by giving nutrition to the facial cells, nerves and muscles.

Mukha Lepam

This facial is applicable to all faces. It’s about face massage, rice scrubs, and application of turmeric and face pack. This detoxifies and nourishes the skin. It improves blood circulation and exfoliation.