Kerala has been a great tourist destination in the world. For some years, Kerala has been trying to recreate the Thailand example in terms of the medical tourism, as it is the largest medical tourist destination in Asia. India has been emerging to the lime lights of the medial tourism, as this industry has risen up to 30% in the year. Around 2000 doctors and nurse are graduating every year in India. Kerala is providing the best services to the foreigners as well as natives through it’s hospitals. The Allopathic medicine treats the diseases in new ways. .


One of the largest treatment areas in Kerala is the treatment of bones. Hundreds of tourists are coming to Kerala for the modern orthopedic treatments. The treatment includes the diagnosis and medical treatment to the different medical orthopedic situations. The extra care that you will find in Kerala’s hospitals from the good doctors and great nurses, will definitely heal your problem..


The field of surgery is a large area of the health care sector in Kerala. Radial and non-radial diagnosis and surgeries are performed, for brain tumors. The excellent doctors and angel-like experienced nurses of the fantastic hospitals of Kerala is nothing but a larger filed of attraction for tourists all over the world. The quality of theatres is ideal. Cardio-vascular, abdominal and pelvic surgeries are conducted in addition to Muscle surgeries, removal of tumors etc. the surgical opportunities for patients has been greatly instrumental in the medical tourism development in Kerala.

Surgery of nerves

The nerve surgeries in Kerala are another larger medical field. Nerve surgeries and brain surgeries are conducted with specialist doctors and other excellent supporting staffs including the finest nurses in the hospitals of Kerala. Some hospitals are specifically offering nerve surgeries here, including that for microscopic disk obstacles and removal of spinal disk, brain tumors and other causalities of head in general.

Modifications and plastic surgery

A new and large area of health care is the modification and plastic surgeries, in which the latest diagnostic measures are used. Some disfigurations can be solved through hair implantation restorations, modification of nose, resisting the effects of aging agents, ear modifications, other facial modifications like expansions of chin and cheek and minimizing the lips; and breast surgeries.

Infertility treatments

The infertility treatments and surgeries is a larger field of the emerging medical care sector in Kerala, as there are a lot of hospitals and specialized clinics conducting them. The diagnosis and medical solution which can be either surgeries, IVF, IUI etc. are conducted with most probability of success.


There are a lot of tourists from West Asia (Middle East) and other neighboring countries including North Africa coming to Kerala for treatments of their eyes or ophthalmic care. The emerging hospitals and specialized clinics of ophthalmic solutions are providing best care to your eyes and related particles here in economic prices. The ophthalmic care that is enriched with state-of-the-art facilities and includes diagnosis, medical solutions and after care, is making Kerala hopes much more on the development of this sector of medical care industry


You have been, for some recent years, having a great reason to smile greatly if you come to Kerala, because you are coming to a land which is known for it’s fantastic medical care of tooth or orthodontic care. The heightened cost of orthodontic care in the countries, and the characteristics of the specialized dental doctors have been the main reasons for attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world to Kerala. You will definitely find a huge apparatus of dental care here, including talented doctors, experienced nurses and essential medicines.


The heart diseases are increasing in the current world, and Kerala has been emerging as a major destination for the cardio-vascular patients from around the world. Patients from Arab countries, Sri Lanka etc. are coming here to experience the world class cardio-vascular care. The really specialized doctors and unique nurses of fine hospitals in Kerala are catering the best service to the patients, including minimal surgeries, heart implantation and solutions for strock.